Ruatangata Lithograph Studio

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We have some twenty Litho stones and two presses, with inks and papers from all over the world in stock

You are most welcome to check the studio out .A phone call is all that's needed - our number is [09] 4335736 or you can call Linda's' mobile 0212684743 . We also have accommodation if needed, studio is in the country about 20 minutes from Whangarei.

Stone hirage varies from $15 -- $100 [ 5" x 6" all the way up to A1 ] This is based on stone colour/grade and ease of replacement but average size we are familiar with is around $30 - then $5 an hour for press time plus $100 per day for tutor when printing [ Both Jamie Shields and myself are available ]  We do have a nice "set" of three or four stones in the 18" x 24" image size range  There is no further charge for drawing time , unless specifically requested , or required by the less experienced .Paper is , of course , another area and artists are welcome to supply their own , most are in stock [ the lovely Arches Cream is now out of production , but we do have some ].Artists should bring their own drawing materials , but there are plenty here , including some perhaps not normally used and charges will only apply if excessive use occurs  [ minimal ]. Accommodation is by Koha . We are trying to keep editioning costs to a minimum to allow artists more options for experimentation and image alteration , so that the works may realise their fullest potential .Hopefully an artist can recuperate the cost of an edition from the sale of one or two prints.

James and Linda Radford

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