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Download Electric Pipes 3.1 now, use it for free. If you like what you see and think the program is going to work for you, register your copy and receive a license to turn the evaluation copy into a full working program.

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  Version 3.1 (Latest release January, 2019)

Evaluation program for Windows 10
Version 3.1 (Build 8.4)

 For Windows 10 (32 & 64bit machines)

(Size: 17,219KB)
  Evaluation program for
Windows 8 and older

Version 3.1 (Build 8.0)

 For Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1



(Size: 11,548KB)

Changes made at Build 8.4 (Released July 2019)

  • Problem fixed that caused the loop player buttons to be enabled when a note was moved. This had to be reset using the Esc key.
  • Problem fixed with the player playing minor variations when multiple parts were involved.

Changes made at Build 8.3 (Released January 2019)

  • New licensing process deployed to overcome the problem of having to re-license Electric Pipes each time Windows performed an automatic update. After installing this version there should be no need to keep sending for a new license.
  • Rests can now be moved on the staff in the same manner as notes. The rest hotspot handle is located below the staff line under the rest. Point the mouse in this area until the handle appears then drag it to a new location. Rests, by nature, only move horizontally.
  • A new method is being trialled for manually moving notes on the staff. Point the mouse at the note head until the handle appears. Press and hold the left mouse button until the "hand" appears then move the mouse either vertically or horizontally to fix the direction of movement. Once fixed the note only moves in that direction until the mouse button is released. The old method, which was to hold the Alt key down while moving the note, still works and still allows the note to move in any direction. Pressing the Alt key after the initial movement of the mouse will unlock the first movement direction and allow the note to move in any direction.
  • Fixed a problem with MusicXML imports that resulted in a tune all on one line.

Changes made at Build 8.0 (Released January 2016)

  • Fixed a problem on Windows 10 machines where Electric Pipes failed to read some registry entries because of a new registry format used by Windows 10.
  • Added music part highlighter to Integrity Check button on the tool bar.
  • Fixed bug in insert staff that used the incorrect staff space value.

Changes made at Build 7.8 (Released September 2011)

  • This is a correction release because Build 7.7 was linked with the wrong library.

Changes made at Build 7.7 (Released September 2011)

  • This release is a patch release that fixes a couple of bugs. See list below for details. If you are not experiencing these problems there is no advantage in upgrading.
  • Problems fixed where option changes to multiple part staves changed the staff type incorrectly.
  • Suppressed the drone playing at the start of a tune that starts with drum rolls. This involves the use of hidden rests

Changes made at Build 7.6 (Released November 2010)

  • This release is a patch release that fixes a few outstanding problems. See list below for details.
  • Problems fixed with starting multiple part playing.
  • Addressed problems with ending Electric Pipes while the program is playing. This caused problems asking that playing had to be stopped before exit even though playing had already stopped. This made it impossible to end the program
  • Bug fixed with editing multiple lines in text fields. To enter a new line when editing text in the title block fields, use Shift+Enter. The characters \n still work

Changes made at Build 7.5 (Released April 2010)

  • This release adds a few new features and fixes one or two bugs that have appeared. See list below.
  • New Automatic software update check has been added
  • Bug fixed in shortcut panels that crashed the program when the same item was selected from the dropdown lists
  • New option added to the Format Options page to control "Object linking". This caused a problem when displaying music in Internet Explorer 8
  • Fixed a problem with XML importing when the time signature was missing.
  • Smarter Internet access implemented
  • New manual beaming functionality has been added to the musical score.
  • Dot-Cut/Cut-Dot commands can now be entered after any intervening grace notes.
  • Inter command delay time is now taken as six times the two key delay time.

Changes made at Build 7.4 (Released January 2010)

  • This is a patch release to fix a bug in Loop playing that caused the player to get out of time with the metronome. Download this patch EPUpdate31_74.exe to upgrade from Build 7.2. or Build 7.3. DO NOT apply the patch to Build 7.1, a complete install of Build 7.2 is required first.
    Patch superseded by Build 7.5

Changes made at Build 7.3 (Released December 2009)

  • This is a patch release to fix a bug in the sample editing routines. Download this patch EPUpdate31_73.exe to upgrade from Build 7.2. DO NOT apply the patch to Build 7.1, a complete install of Build 7.2 is required first.
    Patch superseded by Build 7.5

Changes made at Build 7.2 (Released December 2009)

  • Electric Pipes Project files.
  • Support for MusicXML interchange file formats.
  • Base module now includes all samples (Pipes, Drums, and Other) plus keyboard and multi-part options.
  • 3 octave sample files added. Organ samples included.

Changes made at Build 7.1 (Released June 2008)

  • Docked windows now load properly.
  • Filename added to identify duplicates in a tune collection.
  • Evaluation tunes moved to user folder.
  • Bug fixes in the installer that caused problems if not installed on the C: drive.

Changes made at Build 7.0 (Released April 2008)

  • New standard libraries introduced.   Impact none.
  • Bug fixed in player which stopped it playing simple variations.
  • Ability to colour groups of notes by selecting them first before applying the colour option
  • File modification date tag added to Headers and Footers

System Requirements
Pentium 300, 64M RAM, 40M Free Space or Better

Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (32bit and 64bit machines)

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